Our Story

Located on the Ohio River in Meade County KY, our quarry has been active since 1904. The quarry was originally opened for the sole purpose of supplying high calcium limestone for Portland Limestone Cement production and operated this way for 115 years.

In 2013, representatives of Kosmos Cement Company recognized the quarry would need to undergo a large expansion in order to continue meeting the strict quality standards for cement – which included also mining material for construction aggregate. Birthed from this recognition, a partnership was made with a local KY aggregates producer where they would operate the quarry, begin the expansion, and market the construction aggregate sales.

In 2020, the Kosmos Cement Company cement plant (and related assets) was purchased by Eagle Materials Inc., adding 1.7MT of cement production to the Eagle’s portfolio. Included with Eagle’s purchase was a large limestone quarry located in Battletown, KY. In 2023, Eagle took over operational management of the quarry through the formation of Battletown Materials LLC.