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Erosion Prevention

Rip Rap is a great way to prevent erosion. It has been used for thousands of years to to protect earth soils from water erosion in highly concentrated flow areas such as streams, rivers, and ocean banks. It’s also frequently used in manmade stormwater control measures to reduce the flow rate, or to line the outside walls of a diversion ditch or retaining area. Depending on the application, Rip Rap can be specified to come and all different shapes and sizes.

Rip Rap Products

1's (Small Gabion)

Class 2 Channel Lining (4-8" Gabion)

Class 3 Channel Lining (Cyclopean Rip Rap)

About the Quarry

Located on the Ohio River in Meade County KY, our quarry has been active since 1904. It was originally opened by Kosmos Cement Company of Louisville, KY and mined exclusively for the supply of high calcium limestone for the production of Portland Cement products. Many things have changed over the past 120 years and while we still produce high calcium limestone for Portland Cement, we now also produce construction aggregates.

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