Crushed Limestone for Agriculture

Crushed limestone is an invaluable resource for the agricultural industry, offering a wide array of benefits in multiple sectors. Its most common use in the form of agricultural lime (ag-lime) as a soil amendment to help control acidity and provide essential nutrients for optimum crop production. Some of the other common uses include: farm roads and driveways, livestock crossings, general farm infrastructure, irrigation and water management.

Limestone Products for Agriculture


Agricultural Lime, also known as "Ag-Lime" is used to amend and condition soil acidity by increasing the pH and providing nutrients like calcium and magnesium. Ag-Lime is used daily by farmers, garden hobbyist, and home owners; Ag-Lime even has some industrial uses.

About the Quarry

Located on the Ohio River in Meade County KY, our quarry has been active since 1904. It was originally opened by Kosmos Cement Company of Louisville, KY and mined exclusively for the supply of high calcium limestone for the production of Portland Cement products. Many things have changed over the past 120 years and while we still produce high calcium limestone for Portland Cement, we now also produce construction aggregates.

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